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Important Announcement


We have recently had an issue with the reposting of our icons. This is not okay. Crys and I work really hard to make as many icons as we do and its frankly just rude to repost our stuff— and may I add even ruder not to take it down after we have asked someone too.

This exact thing has happened with our Dylan Sprayberry icons. The repost is here and the original icons are here. We have messaged the person responsible for this and they elected to ignore us (we messaged them twice, might I add). We aren’t asking you to do much other than use the icons from our post (and like/reblog the post if you use them as well since the reposter didn’t bother to do that either) and not theirs because they do not belong to them and they didn’t even bother to credit us on the post. They also have reposted other peoples Dylan icons as well. 

Furthermore it appears we need to remind everyone its not okay to repost our stuff. It is also not okay to edit or watermark our icons. We worked hard on them. You did not. Please be respectful. Its very discouraging to see people doing this stuff and if it continues we may stop making icons altogether (or rather we will stop sharing them) and we supply a large amount of the icons used in the rp community so please don’t ruin for everyone else. If you want to make icon posts or edit icons then make your own.

We would appreciate it if you guys would reblog this to spread the word.

Thank you,
Aspen and Crys

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To all the partners and verses I miss…

I want you to know that in my head, our muses are off somewhere being blissfully happy. If we stopped writing together in the middle of a fight, they made up without us muddling muns in the way, and they’re happy. They shared a bubble bath last night and one of them cooked for the other. It wasn’t perfect but they had a great night.

If they were only friends, they’re closer than ever. If they were enemies, they’re still staking each other out and plotting their revenge, and they’re enjoying it thoroughly.

If they were in love, they still are. If we took a look into their futures, they’d still be smiling at each other, maybe with a little bit of gray in their hair.

I had a great time with you and we’ll always be friends, even if we do’t talk as much as we used to. And if you ever want to get back to it, you know where to find me. xo

Let’s talk about ‘take your time’


When I say ‘take your time’, what I mean is:

  • Take.  Your.  Time.
  • If you have muse for another thread? You can reply to that
  • If you have muse for another character?  Guess what; you can reply to that too.
  • If you’re getting feels for another ship? No, seriously.  You can reply.
  • If you’re overwhelmed with other threads?  It’s okay; seriously.  I don’t hate you, I don’t think any less of you.  You get to ours when you can.
  • If you want to drop a thread because you’ve lost inspiration with it; same as above.  I don’t hate you.  I’d rather you told me than fretted and thought omfg she’s gonna hate me when actually, the opposite is true

Muses can be fickle, fickle things and I shouldn’t have to say this but when dipshits come out with stuff like ‘take your time doesn’t mean you can reply to something else’ — actually, it does with me.

Anybody who plots with me, RPs with me, even talks to me; I love.  Dearly.  And when they reply I squeal like a mad thing because omg the flawless (seriously).

RPing is meant to be fun, lovelies.  Don’t suck the fun out of it by being passive aggressive and a bit of a twat by saying shit things like that.

Take your time means take your time - It’s YOUR character, your blog.  You reply to who you want, okay?  <3

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This is a compilation of guides on how to write kissing and sex scenes! If you know of a good one that isn’t listed here submit it to me and I will update the list! Almost eveyr link is NSFW.
Accurately Write Gay Sex
An Instructional Guide to Kinks, Fetishes and the World of BDSM
Bare Bones [Step by Step/Stages]
Blow Jobs [And Getting Ready to Write Smut]
Casual Sex
Decode His Smoochin’ Style
Erotic Horror
For Starters
FuckYeahSexEducation [Blog]
Gay Sex
Gay Smut
Guide to Bottoming
A Guide to the Different Types of Kisses
How To Smut (For Virgins)
A How to Guide to Writing Smut (Or, how we all know you’re a virgin who’s writing slashfic)
How To Write A Perfect First Kiss
How to French Kiss?
How to Write Good Smut
How to smut - The Bare Bones
How to write a kiss
How To Kiss: 4 Types Of Kisses Men Love
How to write a great kiss!
How to Write a Kissing Scene
How To Write A fictional Sec Scene
How To Write Sex Scenes (Terminology Caution)
The Ups and Downs (of erections)
Domination and Submission
In General [and details]
Kinks and Fetishes
Kiss and Tell – How to Write a Kissing Scene
Language in Smut
Lesbian Smut
Lesbian Smut
Making Love
Meta on How to Write Realistic BDSM
Planned Sex 
The Orgasmic French Kiss
Sex Scene
Sex Scenes
Sex Scene References
Sex that Makes People Want to Cry
Smut 101
Smut 101
So I heard you want to Write Smut
Straight Smut
Twenty Steps to Writing Great Love Scenes
Types of Kisses
Types Of Kisses
Types Of Kisses
Terms [Vocabulary]
The Birds and the Bees of Writing Smut
The Basics
The Basic Ideas
The First Time
Tips from Smut-101
Write Sex Right
Writing Sex and Love Scenes
Writing (And reading) Sex Scenes: Good, Bad &amp; Ugly
What is a french kiss and how do I do it?
What Does A Kiss Mean? 9 Kisses Decoded
Words and Synonyms 
Words for Sex
Writing a Sex Scene
Writing from a Male’s Perspective
Writing Sex
Writing Smut
Writing Smut when You’re a Prude
Writing Tips
3 Secrets for Writing a Good Sex Scene
7 Tips for Writing Sex in Fan Fiction
12-Step Program [How to Write Sex]


This is a compilation of guides on how to write kissing and sex scenes! If you know of a good one that isn’t listed here submit it to me and I will update the list! Almost eveyr link is NSFW.

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Anonymous: Could you please help me find celebrities who look like a younger version of Meghan Ory? Thank you!
Anonymous: Could you suggest a fc for a twin of Deborah Ann Woll please?
Depending on age played. -C♥

We are creating a masterlist for every Teen Wolf roleplayer.
The list is here. 


We are creating a masterlist for every Teen Wolf roleplayer.